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Your choice of university sets the course for your professional future. But at which university should you study? We have just published the first university ranking on job opportunities.

In our blog you will find a holistic range of information on topics such as bachelor thesis and applications.

However, our most popular offering is Thesis Coaching. Here we help you to find a topic and accompany you from the research question to the conclusion.





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Since 2014, we have accompanied students in their studies. We want to help students develop their potential by creating a holistic service, information and software offer. Our vision is to become the premier resource for student issues. In the area of Thesis Coaching, we have already been able to establish a market-leading position in DACH.

What our customers say

My supervisor from campusjames helped me find the right wording. I often have difficulties with scientific expression. Chapter by chapter we went through my work like this and raised the level enormously.

Master Student Digitalization

Through the thesis help of Campusjames I managed to structure my work reasonably and find the right approach for me. I also found the additional proofreading very helpful.

Marketing Student Bachelor Student

Campusjames sees itself as a kind of tutoring and so I was able to get support without a guilty conscience. Since I didn't have much time left, the coaching allowed me to work effectively and I always got immediate feedback on the potential for improvement.

Business Administration Bachelor student

My master's thesis consisted, among other things, of extensive interviews plus... qualitative evaluation. Since I didn't know exactly how to go about creating either the guide or the evaluations, I sought expert advice from Campusjames. I am completely satisfied with the support.

Tourism Management Master Student


Yes, you are allowed to get help with as a student. Many students are supported by tutoring in the preparation of exams or even proofreading for the thesis. Even traditional academic ghostwriting is legal as a service for now. If you want to know more, just call through.

We are convinced of our performance. That’s why we also offer you a grade guarantee. However, certain prerequisites are necessary for this. You can find more information about this in the price table below.

Payment in installments is possible, both via a classic bank transfer, and via PayPal.

We found that 90% of the empirical work we do uses 24-34 units.

Yes, feel free to contact us about this.

Coaching is done through so-called sessions, which usually take the form of phone calls (between you and the coach). Here we answer your questions and give you feedback on your work. Brainstorming sessions are also possible here. One session equals 15min of “real” coaching time. The time required for us is higher due to preparation and follow-up work.