We help you with your thesis

Our Thesis Coaching guides you through your thesis in 6 steps. We take the pressure off you, push your grade and improve your job opportunities.


We take you by the hand and guide you step by step through your thesis. Communication takes place via e-mail, telephone and Whatsapp.


We see ourselves as potential developers and help you to get the most out of your thesis.


Through the Thesis you have the chance to become an expert. With your thesis, you build up knowledge that you can later turn into money.



With the topic you set the course for your thesis and maybe even for your professional future. We will help you find a suitable topic and build the basic framework of your paper.

Learning objectives



We'll help you save time, push your grade, and improve your job opportunities. First, let's clarify what you're about. Because which topic makes sense depends on your goals. As a guide, theoretical papers save time, surveys increase your market value, and interviews are good door openers.


A research gap gives your work the raison d'être. Without an unsolved problem, there is no need for research. We help you to define the problem and the objective and then to formulate concrete research questions.


At the end of this phase, you will have your exposé or one-pager - the red thread of your work. If you work cleanly here, you'll save a lot of time later. Topic, procedure, outline and literature are presented here in short form.


Onepager / Exposé



A good planning helps you to keep the overview. But it also motivates. You see what you have accomplished.

Learning objectives


Project plan

Your thesis will be structured as a project. Task packages are defined and organized as to-do lists.


Project progress and milestones are shown in the Gantt chart. You see what you have accomplished and what is still to come.


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Onepager / Exposé



Literature is the raw material of your Bachelor's / Master's thesis. The challenge is not to reinvent the wheel, but to research existing research and highlight the current state of research.

Learning objectives



A research result is published every 20 seconds. The right keywords are the key to finding what you are looking for. Therefore, the first step is to identify suitable keywords.

Manage literature

Once you're in research mode, you'll quickly accumulate a whole pile of literature. In order not to lose orientation here, it is important to form suitable groups and to distinguish the important from the unimportant.


The point is not to back up every statement with a source. The challenge is to identify which statement requires evidence and which does not, and then to find high-quality sources.


Theory part



The analysis is the heart of your bachelor thesis / master thesis. It will be used to answer the research question. The challenge is to proceed in a methodically clean manner and not to lose the common thread.

Learning objectives


Research Design

The research design illustrates the structure and procedure of the study/analysis.


A survey usually includes the following steps: 1. defining hypotheses, 2. designing a questionnaire, 3. implementing the questionnaire into a survey tool, 4. sending the links, 5. evaluate, 6. summarize and interpret the results.


Interviews typically include the following steps: 1. defining hypotheses, 2. designing an interview guide, 3. identify interview partners, 4. conducting the interviews, 5. transcribe, 6. evaluate, 7. summarize and interpret the results.


Data / Practical part



The results section answers the research question.

Learning objectives



In the results section, the research findings are structured, processed and interpreted.


The conclusion answers the research questions. In addition, conclusions and inference are derived.


In the discussion section, the participants critically examine and discuss their own work.

Research Contribution

Here the research contribution of the own work is shown.

Research potential

Research potentials are derived, i.e., topics or research questions that are suitable for further work and build on one's own.


Research results



The final step is the fine tuning

Learning objectives



Abbreviation figure and bibliography lists are created.


The paper will be formatted according to university guidelines.

Plagiarism check

A plagiarism check ensures that proper citations have been made.


In a final proofreading, spelling and formatting are smoothed out.




Why students hire ghostwriters for bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or term paper

No support from the university

Many students turn to ghostwriters because they feel "left alone" by the university. Often, private or health problems are added to the mix. Another group is "internationals" who do not feel confident with the language.

No time

Many students are already employed. However, your employer requires a Thesis to meet formal requirements. Many feel that this is a waste of time, since they have already "proven themselves" in the "job market" and their knowledge and skills are obviously given (because otherwise they would not have gotten the job).

Coaching VS Ghostwriting

Why you should not let a ghostwriter write your bachelor thesis, master thesis or term paper. Read more in our article: Bachelor thesis ghostwriter: Should I let someone else write my bachelor thesis?

Karma points

Outsource thesis and get ghostwriter to write it? Can be done. We want to motivate you to write your own paper. This gives you karma points and you are also legally on the safe side.


In the short term, a ghostwriter will get you more than a coach. It does all the work for you. In the end, though, it's all about finding a job that you enjoy and that pays well. On this point, our coaching is superior.

Push note

Unlike ghostwriters, we encourage you and help you realize your potential in writing your bachelor's thesis/master's dissertation


We'll play teacher and give you regular feedback. Only high quality work will be approved by us 🙂

Plagiarism check

We check your work with "Uni-Software" to make sure that it is properly cited.


In the editing department, we put the finishing touches on your work.


Why your bachelor thesis / master thesis can also be a great opportunity for you


Through your thesis, you have the opportunity - perhaps even the unique chance - to deal intensively with a topic for several months and to become an expert. Most students are not even aware of this. If you solve a relevant problem (from the company's point of view) - or at least develop an approach to solving it - this will have an impact on your market value. With your thesis you build up knowledge that you can later turn into money. Of course, you have to go about it the right way. If you want to build skills that will help you stand out from the competition (and dazzlers) in the job market, we're here to help.


If you want to write your bachelor thesis with as little effort as possible, you should (if possible) choose a theoretical paper (literature paper). Scientific work with an empirical part (survey, interviews, ...) is usually more elaborate. But there are also opportunities here. Insb. Through interviews, you have the opportunity to get to know company leaders and decision-makers who are otherwise not so easy to get to. So you can use the interviews (and ultimately your thesis) to gather contacts and at the same time get an impression of the company (as a potential employer).


Free initial consultation

You tell us about your project and we discuss possibilities of implementation.


Your requirements are formulated as a task and structured as a project. You will then receive a non-binding offer.

Conclusion of contract

The offer is also the basis of the contract. After order confirmation from your side the project starts.


In a selection process put together your project team.


Our coach will contact you. A common understanding of the project is ensured and documents that serve as a basis for work are exchanged.


First, the foundation is laid with the exposé. Topic, research question, outline, procedure are defined. The exposé is often neglected. If you work precisely here and take your time, you will save a lot of time in the further course. It is therefore advisable to prepare the exposé even if this is not required.


In the schedule, the project is divided into phases. Milestones are defined. The schedule not only gives you a common thread and security, but also has a motivating character. The end is in sight, so to speak :-).

Theory part

The theory part is created. The aim here is to show the current state of research. The challenge is in the literature review. You are in regular exchange with our team. Feedback loops are scheduled.

Practical part

An empirical part in the form of interviews or surveys is often included. There are some methodological pitfalls lurking here.


Quality checks by our coaches ensure the quality of the content of your work. Through a plagiarism check, we ensure that proper citations have been made and not "copied". The whole thing is rounded off by a proofreading process in which spelling and formatting are smoothed out.

What our customers say

My supervisor from campusjames helped me find the right wording. I often have difficulties with scientific expression. Chapter by chapter we went through my work like this and raised the level enormously.

Master Student Digitalization

Through the thesis help of Campusjames I managed to structure my work reasonably and find the right approach for me. I also found the additional proofreading very helpful.

Marketing Student Bachelor Student

Campusjames sees itself as a kind of tutoring and so I was able to get support without a guilty conscience. Since I didn't have much time left, the coaching allowed me to work effectively and I always got immediate feedback on the potential for improvement.

Business Administration Bachelor student

My master's thesis consisted, among other things, of extensive interviews plus... qualitative evaluation. Since I didn't know exactly how to go about creating either the guide or the evaluations, I sought expert advice from Campusjames. I am completely satisfied with the support.

Tourism Management Master Student


Yes, you are allowed to get help with as a student. Many students are supported by tutoring in the preparation of exams or even proofreading for the thesis. Even traditional academic ghostwriting is legal as a service for now. If you want to know more, just call through.

We are convinced of our performance. That’s why we also offer you a grade guarantee. However, certain prerequisites are necessary for this. You can find more information about this in the price table below.

Payment in installments is possible, both via a classic bank transfer, and via PayPal.

We found that 90% of the empirical work we do uses 24-34 units.

Yes, feel free to contact us about this.

Coaching is done through so-called sessions, which usually take the form of phone calls (between you and the coach). Here we answer your questions and give you feedback on your work. Brainstorming sessions are also possible here. One session equals 15min of “real” coaching time. The time required for us is higher due to preparation and follow-up work.