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Bachelor thesis introduction writing – how to do it

The introduction of your bachelor thesis is a must and gives the reader a first overview of your structure. We’ll show you how to write a good introduction and give you a few examples that can help you write your introduction.

What belongs in the introduction of a bachelor thesis?

Your studies are almost done! Years of studying, paying attention and pondering – now all that’s missing is your Bachelor thesis. And the first step is the Introduction. But how do you write it and what must not be missing?

The introduction is more than just a short description of the topic. The introduction of your Bachelor thesis should contain the first information about your topic. This can be a new development in society or, for example, an observation you have made. This information should encourage you to want to learn more. In addition, you can also give an overview of the outline of your bachelor thesis in your introduction so that the reader can follow you better.

Topics you should work on in the introduction of your bachelor thesis are:

  • What characterizes the subject?
  • What do you want to achieve with the bachelor thesis (objective)?
  • What motivates readers to keep reading?
  • Why is the bachelor thesis scientifically relevant?
  • Structure of the bachelor thesis
  • Method
  • Problem description

Tips for a perfect introduction

Your introduction should meet the following criteria:

Topic introduction: What characterizes your topic?
Introduce the goal: What do you want to achieve with your bachelor thesis?
Arouse curiosity: Make your readers want to read on
Describe relevance: Why is your bachelor thesis scientifically relevant?

Write the introduction after you have written your bachelor thesis

It makes little sense to write the introduction at the beginning of your bachelor thesis. The Introduction is the guide of your entire bachelor thesis. Therefore, at the beginning, you should just make a few bullet points and write an abstract. You will write the whole introduction only when the main part of your bachelor thesis has been written. In the end, you will have a good overview of the methods and the state of research. You can then explain these in the introduction.

Write the introduction in the context of your conclusion

Your introduction is directly related to the conclusion of your bachelor thesis. Once you have created your conclusion, you should make sure that it matches and complements the content of the introduction. This way you build a nice framework for your scientific explanations.

Start with a crisp entry

Always keep the reader in mind with all your wording. Instead of using stale phrases, you should rather varied formulations use phrases that directly convey the content to the reader, encouraging them to read on and sparking their interest in the rest of the bachelor thesis. In addition, you should avoid long nested sentences and instead write short, concise sentences.

If necessary: divide the introduction into sub-headings

If you want, you can also structure the introduction and divide it into subheadings. Especially in the case of a longer bachelor thesis, you use it to design the introduction clearer.

The writing style of your introduction

As already mentioned, it is important that you avoid complicated sentence structures. Formulate short and precise sentences. In addition, you should write your introduction in the present tense and use the past or perfect tense to describe background information. The most important thing is that you choose a past tense and use it consistently. Also, try to present the topic in an interesting way and be sure to properly cite information from other sources when using them.

Checklist: What belongs in an introduction?

Does the topic fit you, your skills and interests?
Is the topic suitable to meet the academic requirement (chair)?
What exactly does your schedule look like – do you include “buffer time”?
Is the topic suitable for improving job opportunities and starting salary?

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